5 Things You Didn't Know About Handmade Jewelry

Hello, I am back with a new blog post and today I will be revealing some major facts about Handmade Jewelry that you didn't know. For example, Did you know that no mass production machinery is involved in handmade jewelry and is made individually with love? I guess you didn't know that before. So let's begin!

Now that Spring is here and we are already in the mood to celebrate and party hard. So why don't upgrade our jewelry collection with some handmade jewelry this season with MEDOSO! Medoso is a brand which specializes in handcrafted jewelry to help you forget everything and party hard in any season. What can be better than turning all eyes green around you? Nothing, right?

So the mystery begins with the mystery box which I received from Medoso, packed nicely there came a beautiful box full of all jazzed up jewelry. It contained total 5 accessories, which included 3 earrings, 1 bracelet, and a neckpiece. Each of them was equally mesmerizing and had a modern fusion touch.

1. Light and Comfortable

The jewelry material is light and comfortable which makes it easy to wear on the occasion of celebration. Since it is light in weight it also helps our skin breathe without causing any interference.

2. Unique

Jewelry from Medoso is quite different and unique from other jewelry brands as their design is fresh and have a slight fusion look, which symbolizes modern women.

3. Amazing Colors

The bronze, golden and white color is what Medoso masters in. Most of their accessories come in these three colors blended with contrasting colors

4. Works Perfectly on Fusion Outfits

Talking about my experience, I styled them with white cropped top, royal blue long flared skirt and bottle green silk dupatta. The accessories came out so brightly in this attire and made my overall look quite amazing and beautiful. I chose this look for a fun filled day this spring.

5. Experimental

You must buy their jewelry if you are a person who loves experimenting with looks and always look for something different and fresh. The best part about their jewelry is that they come in various designs and are light to carry all day and all night.

Now that you know 5 new things about Handmade Jewelry then hurry up and one for yourself from Medoso now!