3 Products You Must Have For Ultimate Beauty Results!

The year is about to end and the party days are here. We all know how important it is to rock these year-end parties. It can mark a new beginning in your life in style. Rocking doesn't mean just dancing and singing in amazing outfits, you need to rock your looks as well. You should have the immense beautiful glow on your face that keeps your friends hooked around you.

So here I am, with 3 Products from Raw Home Essentials that will give you the ultimate look this year-end. Raw Home Essentials is specialized in natural homemade products. It is the ultimate brand with chemical free components to give you that extra nikhar for the parties. They are the experts in the natural, homemade bath products, soaps, scrubs, essential oils and much more.

Three products which you will need for are parties are Nikhar Scrub, Aloe Vera Soap, and Rose Essential Oil. Talking about my experience, I have been using them for 2 weeks now and my skin feels absolutely natural and healthy. My face is party ready all the time without any foundation base, just with lipstick, cream, and some kohl. The difference that I feel in my skin is remarkable. It makes me fall in love with myself again and again.

Let's take a look at how to use these lovely products for the best results:


• I use the Nikhar Scrub (which is in the form of powder) twice a week. Just by mixing it with rose water or yogurt and making a thick paste to apply on my face and neck. Once it is dry, I rinse it with warm or cold water and dab it with a face towel.

• There are no rules for using the Aloe Vera Soap; one can use it on the body or the face. I personally like to use it on both. It soothes my dry skin in winter and gives me that hydrated extra soft skin. You can use it once or twice daily.

• While I head to sleep every night, I wash my face with the Aloe Vera soap to clean the dirt and oil from my face and then I gently mix 2-3 drops of Rose Essential Oil with my moisturizer and apply it gently by massaging it over my face and neck.

And there it is, a healthy, naturally glowing skin in just a few days. Order your choice of products from Raw Home Essentials today itself.