Hello! How have you been? All good?

You are reading this article right now can mean only 3 things: 1. You are not on Twitter yet. 2. You are on Twitter but not active on a daily basis. 3. You are active on Twitter and want to know its benefits.

No matter whichever category you tag yourself into, I assure you that you have come to the right place and at the right time.


Twitter is an American online news and social networking service on which users post and interact with messages known as "tweets". It has more than 321 million monthly active users now and is growing at a good pace every day.

So without wasting any more time, let's jump into 5 REASONS WHY YOU SHOULD BE USING TWITTER:


Are you a publisher, author or a reader? No matter who you are, Twitter is always best for you. If Paulo Coelho and J.K. Rowling can be active on Twitter by tweeting and retweeting then you should too.

The best authors and publishers of the World are using Twitter on a daily basis and have millions of followers. What does that mean?

It means that Twitter has millions of potential buyer who would love to buy and read your book. Don't you want to sell more books? Then join Twitter.


Twitter is a place where you can connect with almost anyone with just a tweet.

Do you want to find a publisher for your next book? leave a tweet to the top publishers of the world. Do you want to find a buyer for your book? leave a tweet to the people tweeting about books. Do you want to connect with an author? leave a tweet to the author's twitter handle.

It takes a matter of seconds to reach anyone living in any part of the World with Twitter.


Unlike Facebook, on Twitter, you have no limitations on reach.

If you post something on your Facebook page, it will reach a handful of individuals who may have liked your page. But, on Twitter, your tweets can generate massive reach or impressions.

On Facebook, in order to reach a targeted audience, you need to join Facebook groups. On top of that, you need to follow certain Group rules which minimizes your overall impact. However, on Twitter, you can use the relevant hashtags to reach the targeted audience without doing any hard work. It's simple and quick!


Twitter has a section named 'Trends' on its website and app. It displays TOP 10 trending hashtags or topics of the hour. These hashtags or topics keep changing throughout the day based on the total number of tweets and engagements. This feature is not available on Facebook.

How it can help you? Well, let's take an example. It's the Cricket World Cup going on in England & Wales now. So, the majority of trends are like #CWC19 or #INDvNZ, etc. What you can do is tweet your support for your team. Other supporters will find you relevant and there is a good chance that they will follow and engage on your tweets.

Being an author or publisher or book lover, you can keep track of Literary Festivals taking place all around the World and engage with others tweeting about it. The more you tweet about trending topics, the bigger your reach will be.


Twitter is an open book. What you tweet is visible to everyone on Twitter. Even the ones who don't follow you can read, reply and share your tweets.

That is the reason it has High Engagement Rate as compared to Facebook. People don't think twice on Twitter, they just pour their heart out and share their opinions on your tweets if they find it engaging.

Also, there are no limits on the total number of tweets per day. You can tweet 100 times a day on 100 different topics. Isn't that AWESOME?

Try posting 100 status updates on Facebook in a day. The chances are you will be blocked by Facebook or your Friends will block you, thinking you are mad. But on Twitter, it will improve your engagement, increase your followers, and people will think you are an expert.

Need more reasons? Just go and join Twitter now! It's a world full of potential buyers and readers. If you are an author and want to promote your book on SALISMANIA.com, drop us a mail at info@salismania.com and we will get back to you asap. Thank you for reading. Do share this article with your friends if you found it helpful.