Kyun zikr karun main us kal ka jo ab kahin hai nahin Kyun fikr karun us kal ki jiska abhi pata nahin Jo kuch hai so aaj hai

Dariya-e-Ehsaas by Manisha Yadava is life-changing, extraordinary and priceless. It is more like a beast, you read it once, it will always be there in your mind.

It is a collection of 61 enchanting poems which will change the way you look at your life. Majority of the poems are based on real-life experiences or events.

The book contains both English and Hindi versions of the poems which is quite interesting and new to me. I really loved the idea of publishing the poems in both languages as it will double the overall target audience and will keep the Generation Z interested in Hindi poems.

It is said that poetry is when an emotion has found its thoughts and the thoughts have found words. What you will find after reading this book is life.

I fell in love with the fact that the book also focuses both on Quality and Quantity. Many poetry books are published every day but some lack in Quality while some lack in Quantity. But, Dariya-e-Ehsaas has dominated both Quality and Quantity making it a must-read.

I would highly recommend this book to every poetry lover out there. The poems are mature and even if you read one poem a day it will last 2 months. It is full paisa vasool. So, go ahead and buy this book from Amazon now!

BUY NOW: Dariya-e-Ehsaas by Manisha Yadava

RATING: 4.5/5

AUTHOR: Manisha Yadava

PUBLISHER: Leading Trails


हमारे जीवन में और आस पास समाज में कुछ घटनाएँ हममें कई एहसास भर जाते है।ऐसे ही कुछ एहसास मैंने अपने आस पास और समाजिक घटनाओं में महसूस किये जिन्होंने मेरी सोच और लेखनी को एक नया आयाम दिया साथ ही कुछ एहसास मुझे मेरी आध्यात्मिक यात्रा के दौरान ध्यान के जरिये भी हुए जिन्हें मैं इस पुस्तक के माध्यम से आप तक पहुँचा रही हूँ।आशा है कि मेरे ये एहसास आपके दिलों को छुएंगे और आप भी इनसे खुद को जोड़ पाएंगे।


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