It is said that a reader lives a thousand lives before he dies. This week at it's all about TOP 10 stunning books which will make you dream with your eyes open.

This week's TOP 10 Books are:

1. They Go To Sleep by Saugata Chakraborty

A young widow of a drug overdose victim disappears from Goa. Three years later, a British National claims to know her whereabouts minutes before departing for London Heathrow. The Police of two states is pressed into a joint manhunt. 'They Go to Sleep' is a racy thriller on police procedure and criminal psychology.

In the year 2043, when nobody sends a letter anymore, an unlikely candidate decides to write about his springtime memories that are soon going to be erased. When his identity gets revealed, the impact on several individuals and the society at large assumes epic proportions. 'A Man of Letters' is a science fiction with humane emotions at its core.

A promising poet meets his muse on board a train. They share a captivating conversation but forget to ask each other's name. Will they be able to meet again in an Indian metro? 'What's In a Name?' is a humorous look at everything Bengali: gossip, fish, cutlets and the Kolkata Book Fair.

These three stories are joined by nine equally exhilarating tales of ordinary people and the choices that they make under extraordinary circumstances. The compilation will surely compel the readers to keep their midnight lamps burning.

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2. Who Stole My Job? by Sunil Mishra

Creative Tech has been one of the most successful IT companies in India during the last two decades. Only that it has started faltering of late. In a challenging and tumultuous business set-up, Marshal Scott, a newly hired American CEO, embarks on a transformation journey that starts on a high note but soon gets entangled with many unexpected issues.

The employees experience disenchantment with demanding leadership, frequent policy changes, and cultural conflicts. Satvik, a mid-level manager sees the direct implications of these changes that lead to multiple business disruptions and exits of many of his colleagues.

Will things ever be the same again? Can Creative Tech tide over the disruption wave and reclaim its glorious past? What does employment mean for individuals and the corporate in the new digital world? Will the future of work be different from what was perfected after the Industrial Revolution?

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3. Still Loved…Still Missed! by Mridula

“Still loved...Still missed! The myriad hues of souls” is a collection of 14 short stories and a poem. These stories span characters and emotional states with canny details that touch the depths of your soul. Picturing the complexities of love, misery, and mystery, the stories try to gnaw your heart like never before.

What does a flower teach us we often fail to see?

“The belly is an ungrateful wretch.” Is it true?

Once Tasha obtains a treasure in her garden, what happens next?

Ever wondered about the sparseness and illusions in life?

Does death put an end to true love?

Have all the ascetics won over their emotions?

With the power of simple language, this book transports the readers to a world scarcely thought of in our bustling lives. The allegories maintain an intense rhythm of life prompting the readers to perceive things from a unique angle.

“A whole bookful to make you think, cry, think again and move on.”

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4. My Garden of Words by Pavalamani Pragasam

The flowers, plants, and trees in this garden depict Pavalamani Pragasam's imagination, beliefs, experiences, and preferences. She has endeavored in this book to pamper the palate of her discerning reader with various dishes with different flavors.

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5. What Goes Into A Butterfly by Sunil Rajagopal

Take long walks with an Everyman, exploring the simple joys and sorrows of his Every Day. On the way, you will meet trees, birds, spiders and come across familiar places and people. Discover the hidden beauty and secrets of the world around. You may notice things that you never did before. You may question what you thought and saw before. And in the end, understand that there is a poem within every one of us.

This is a collection of 125 poems, long and short, grouped into 8 engrossing sections: Quiet Roads and Hidden Nooks, In Every Little Drop, On Long Walks, Birds in their Sky, Lost and Found, Everyday, Folly, and A Window Within.

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6. Beyond 90 Minutes by P.K.Banerjee with Anirban Chatterjee

"Pele pointed to me and said, 'This man had prevented me from showing my skills to the audience of India, ' with a broad grin on his face. Football God and Brazilian legend Pele's words on P.K.Banerjee after the later prevented Pele from beating his Mohan Bagan team in 1977. Beyond 90 Minutes is a candid heart-wrenching autobiography of India's gifted son P.K.Banerjee, in which he bares it all about his illustrious career as a footballer and then as a coach spanning over six decades. It is delightful reading for any football follower. The book describes the maestro's uphill journey in life and is told with all candidness and brutal clarity. It's an engrossing story of a dream journey for a little boy from pre-independent India who went on and was awarded the FIFA Order of Merit, the highest honor awarded by FIFA."

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7. Volcanic Moments by Mona Mohanty

Mona Mohanty is an officer of the Indian Revenue Service. Weaving stories have always been her passion. An alumnus of Lady Shri Ram College and Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, this collection of short stories follows on the heels of her first book Betwixt Twists and Turns.

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8. Human Cinema by Rammesh

Hrishikesh Mukherjee’s films have brought immense joy to generations of film lovers, and a new generation is now being impressed by his works, thanks to the many repeated telecasts on various channels of his classic comedies such as Gol Maal and Chupke Chupke among others.

This book is about the forty-two films that were directed by Hrishikesh Mukherjee and how his vision of humans is as important as that of his mentor, Bimal Roy. The book is both a fan’s perspective and a complete listing of all the released films of Mukherjee from 1957 till 1998.

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9. Looking Through The Prism by Sujata Chatterjee

Looking Through the Prism: Spectrum is a collection of poems which embraces optimism and inspiration. If you are in a mood for a quiet evening or would like to search for greener pastures, you need to settle down with an introspective approach towards this book. The rhythm in the poems is touch and go from the very beginning till the end. Whether it is ecstasy in The golden gown that the warm sun weaves, or the romance in Your lips a crimson ray or describe the hard work in The sweat and toil of the human race, Looking Through the Prism reveals a unique path to joy and happiness. So gear yourselves for a ride through the hills and the valleys and hug the nature with your arm; the arms of faith and not the arms in artillery. This book will definitely inspire you with self-analysis and a positive attitude.

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10. The Art Of Building Experiential Events by Dr. Deepak Swaminathan

The business of Experiential Events is an on-ground outing that is dynamic, challenging and satisfying. A sunrise industry in India, events offer challenges and recognition that are indeed addictive. This book is an event designer's almanac, specially dedicated to the talented and discerning who crave for challenges and are in constant search of memorable collaborations.

This book offers models, practices, and tips that help in building wonderful experiential events in the Indian context. Understanding the psyche of clients is yet another unique feature of this book where carefully planted questions are discussed with prospects, leading to mapping the core needs that make the experience unique that also ensures sustained Client-Agency relations. Care has been taken in offering time-tested solutions using a variety of infographics, case studies, and nuances that go into designing and building experiential events. This book is probably a pioneering effort from a specialist in the field with over 4000+ events to his credit.

If you are passionate about event management, an aspiring entrepreneur, seeker of new challenges, a marcom professional or a communication, visual arts, media student, then this book would be of immense use.

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