Sarhad par jo shaheed ho jate hain jawaan, Chhin jaati hai unki maaon ke honton se muskaan, Bhul jata hai desh unki shahadat ko, aur chodh deta hai unke bachche aur bewaon ko bejan.

Mere Khayal by Manisha Yadava is a collection of 70 premium poems which will make your day magnificent. Reading 1 poem from this book every day in the morning will hardly take you 2 minutes, but the overall influence it does in your day-to-day life is just mind-blowing.

The poems are simple yet powerful. It will give you an opportunity to start your day with a smile, love, and happiness. Though all the poems are not about love and happiness but being a poetry lover I can guarantee a smile on your face.

Majority of poems in the book are short and crisp but on the other hand, there are also poems which are more than 2 pages long. The readers choice of length is given utmost importance, and it will deliver positivity into your life no matter what your caste, color or religion is.

The poems also contain multiple Urdu words making it look royal. What I liked the most about this book is that it covers almost every trending topic and yet focusses on overlooked things which make our lives simple and easy. For example, there is a beautiful 3-page poem on Road. Where in the 21st Century you will find a poem on Road? This is what makes Mere Khayal by Manisha Yadava a must read.

So, go ahead and buy this book from Amazon now!


RATING: 4.5/5

AUTHOR: Manisha Yadava

PUBLISHER: Notion Press


Poems and Shayaris in this book express the turmoils taking place in the author's mind which have surfaced due to the conditions arising around her. It expresses the feeling the author has toward different events taking place in her life and all around. Many women will be able to relate to this book. YOU MAY ALSO LIKE: MANISHA YADAVA INTERVIEW


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