Beyond 90 Minutes Book Review


"You cannot win every ball but keep chasing" - P.K. Banerjee

This quote from the book Beyond 90 Minutes is marked in my mind. There are millions of quotes shared every day on social media, but this one is not just a quote. It's a WINNER!

Note it down on a piece of paper and read it every day in the morning and I believe no negative energy can stop you from achieving what you intend to do.

Being a die-hard football fan, Beyond 90 Minutes was on top of my reading list. An Autobiography of India's gifted son P.K. Banerjee.

The moment I started reading the book, I was surprised by the hardship and problems faced by the football legend in his entire life. He started from ZERO and has now influenced MILLIONS of individuals around the world with his skills, passion, and dedication for the game.

Beyond 90 Minutes has the power to inspire anyone in any field to get up and fight back even if you have no chance of winning the game. It is a piece of inspiration which will motivate you to achieve your goals.

This book was not written for the sake of inspiring people, or with an aim of celebrating P.K's journey. It was written with true intention of helping you believe in yourself and do what you can do best.

No matter what you do, what you are, what your goals are, if you read Beyond 90 Minutes and try to soak in as much knowledge and inspiration as you can and apply into your daily routine. The trophy will be yours. You will get the fruit of your hard work.

P.K's story will teach you the importance of surrounding yourself with positive people who love and respect your work. It will also boost you to silence your critics by your actions.

It is an autobiography, but read it for yourself. Read it for your dreams, for your life. Go ahead and buy this book from Amazon now!

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AUTHOR: P.K. Banerjee with Anirban Chatterjee

PUBLISHER: Notion Press


"Pele pointed to me and said, 'This man had prevented me from showing my skills to the audience of India, ' with a broad grin on his face. Football God and Brazilian legend Pele's words on P.K.Banerjee after the later prevented Pele from beating his Mohan Bagan team in 1977. Beyond 90 Minutes is a candid heart-wrenching autobiography of India's gifted son P.K.Banerjee, in which he bares it all about his illustrious career as a footballer and then as a coach spanning over six decades. It is delightful reading for any football follower. The book describes the maestro's uphill journey in life and is told with all candidness and brutal clarity. It's an engrossing story of a dream journey for a little boy from pre-independent India who went on and was awarded the FIFA Order of Merit, the highest honor awarded by FIFA." YOU MAY ALSO LIKE: Best Book of the Year Award 2019 Nominees


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