They Go To Sleep Book Review


THEY GO TO SLEEP by Saugata Chakraborty is a collection of 12 electrifying short stories which will keep your brain running and your heart pumping.

It is said that "The Brain is wider than the Sky" and this book will test your limits of imagination. With its thrilling and unpredictable endings, each story takes you to another level.

It is like stepping into a room full of mysteries and with every page passing by, you go deeper and deeper into the puzzle. Once you reach page 97, the end, you are already part of the puzzle.

The book blurb quotes, "They Go To Sleep will surely compel the readers to keep their midnight lamps burning" but I believe it has the power of keeping you awake even if you close the lamps.

My TOP 7 Stories from the book are:

1. Six Days, Seven Lives 2. Blowing in the Wind 3. A Man of Letters 4. It Was Time 5. The Other Side 6. The Short Lives of Shazia Sultana 7. What's in a Name?

Overall, They Go To Sleep is a must read for everyone who loves unexpected thrilling twists and turns. If you are one, go ahead and buy this book from Amazon now!

RATING: 4.5/5

AUTHOR: Sugata Chakraborty

PUBLISHER: Notion Press


A young widow of a drug overdose victim disappears from Goa. Three years later, a British National claims to know her whereabouts minutes before departing for London Heathrow. The Police of two states is pressed into a joint manhunt. 'They Go to Sleep' is a racy thriller on police procedure and criminal psychology.

In the year 2043, when nobody sends a letter anymore, an unlikely candidate decides to write about his springtime memories that are soon going to be erased. When his identity gets revealed, the impact on several individuals and the society at large assumes epic proportions. 'A Man of Letters' is a science fiction with humane emotions at its core.

A promising poet meets his muse on board a train. They share a captivating conversation but forget to ask each other's name. Will they be able to meet again in an Indian metro? 'What's In a Name?' is a humorous look at everything Bengali: gossip, fish, cutlets and the Kolkata Book Fair.

These three stories are joined by nine equally exhilarating tales of ordinary people and the choices that they make under extraordinary circumstances. The compilation will surely compel the readers to keep their midnight lamps burning. RELATED: SAUGATA CHAKRABORTY INTERVIEW


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