Best Author Of The Year Award 2019 Nominees

One of the most exciting book awards of the year Awards is back. With more than 100 authors competing against each other, Awards is always intense. This year marks the 4th annual competition, which means the stakes are higher than ever.

This year we will be ranking the authors based on the Ratings, Amazon Reviews, and Goodreads Ratings. The more rating and reviews you have, the better is your chance of winning.

Every month last 2 ranked books will be eliminated from the Author of the Year Award 2019. In order to stay in the competition, you need to keep increasing your Amazon Reviews and Goodreads Ratings on a permanent basis.

Only the books reviewed on are eligible for the nominations. So, if your book is not reviewed on then drop us a mail at now!

Let's look at the Best Author of the Year Award 2019 Nominees :

1. KOCHERY C SHIBU (Men And Dreams In The Dhauladhar) 2. MAINAK DHAR (Sniper's Eye) 3. INDRAZITH SHANTHARAJ & KIRANKUMAR NAYAK (Trade And Grow Rich) 4. MADHU VAJPAYEE (I Owed You One) 5. SOURABH MUKHERJEE (The Cookery Show And A Love Story) 6. SOURABH MUKHERJEE (The Death Wish) 7. SOURABH MUKHERJEE (A Special Day) 8. P. G. Van (A Reckless Night) 9. ANIRBAN DAS (Just Kidding... Yours, Destiny) 10. VIHANG A NAIK (Making A Poem) 11. MADHAV THAPAR (A Friend Like Karna) 12. VIRAG DHULIA (Chess Without A Queen) 13. SANTHOSH GANGADHARAN (What Next?) 14. AYUSHMAN JAMWAL (Silent Sun) 15. Dr. DEEPAK SWAMINATHAN (The Art Of Building Experiential Events) 16. LOPAMUDRA BANERJEE (Woman And Her Muse) 17. MONA MOHANTY (Volcanic Moments) 18. ARJUN GUPTA (A-Z Mental Health)

"You will never win if you never begin." - Helen Rowland