"Religion does not breed terrorism hatred does" - Madhav Thapar


Madhav is a logistics professional and a corporate executive and has over three decades of senior management experience in C level positions, with leading multi-nationals in the field.

He is a seasoned traveller with a keen interest in sports and movies. Madhav is a voracious reader with a passion for writing and is an active blogger on social media. He lives in Mumbai.

A Friend Like Karna, his first novel, was published in October 2017 and won critical acclaim across the world.

The Times We Live In is his second work.

Madhav would love to interact with readers. You can reach him through the following platforms:

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Q. Characterize yourself in one word?


Q. Please describe what the story/book is about in one sentence.

Religion does not breed terrorism hatred does.

Q. Briefly, what led up to this book? What were you writing (and getting published, if applicable) before breaking out with this book?

My first book ' A Friend Like Karna ' has been a worldwide success. The love of the readers and their positive feedback inspired to me to write "The Times We Live In '. It was an opportunity also to bring back some of the most popular characters of A Friend Like Karna, into a very different setting and interweave their stories with a different plot and new characters as well. The two books can be read as independent stories or in conjunction. In the later case, A Friend Like Karna should be read first!

Q. What has been your biggest achievement?

Picking up on my passion for writing after more than three decades and achieving published success with my stories!

Q. Looking back, what did you do right that helped you break in?

I listened to my heart and followed my instincts. My family was extremely supportive. My younger daughter Aakriti, who is a journalist, really helped me to make up mind to publish and to actively promote on social media.

Q. Did you have a platform in place? On this topic, what are you doing to build a platform and gain readership?

No, I developed my marketing " skills" on social media as I went along with the promotion process. However, end of the day, positive word of mouth is the most effective promotion!

Q. Favorite novel?

Many - but I would single out a few like " The Man " by Irving Wallace, " Exodus " by Leon Uris, " The Fountainhead " By Ayn Rand, " Centennial " by James A Michener and " Love Story " by Eric Segal as books that left a deep impression.

Q. Something personal about you people may be surprised to know?

Readers Appreciation means a lot to me, and I am very nervous whenever somebody known is reading my work! Q. Future of SALISMANIA.com through your eyes?

Every author needs a platform, and Salismania is doing a great job in providing an opportunity for writers to connect with readers.