"Take a laptop, press start button, open MS word, keep staring until something enters your head


Academically overburdened (Engineering from WCE Sangli + MBA1 from NMIMS Mumbai + MBA2 from IIM Ahmedabad) and professionally scarred (a 19-year circuitous pursuit of corporate nirvana), Anirban Das is finally getting serious in life by dabbling in humor (writing, not stand up).

‘Just Kidding…Yours Destiny’ is Anirban’s debut novel. Two more books are on the anvil: a thematic sequel to Just Kidding…Yours Destiny with a completely different storyline and a third book which will be a collection of 13 short stories. All the three books are in the humorous fiction genre.

Anirban is a versatile character with multiple interests like breathing, sleeping, eating, etc. He flirted briefly with singing but decided against pursuing it, in larger public interest. A voracious reader, Anirban has read the book ‘Just Kidding…Yours Destiny’, 108 times. In the midst of writing books, Anirban periodically deploys his writing expertise in other domains (ex. doing the homework of his two children). An occasional blogger, Anirban has written content for a few blogs, including his own☺; in fact, he was the surprise winner of an IIMA blog writing competition, having penned the somewhat controversial ‘Sleeping times at IIMA’. Anirban also writes on Quora from time to time, depending upon mood disposition & prevailing weather conditions.


Q. How would you describe yourself in one sentence?

Humorous fiction writer, talented cribber & procrastinator.

Q. Please describe what the story/book ‘Just Kidding…Yours Destiny’ is about?

‘Just Kidding…Yours Destiny’ is about an unusual love story with humorous undertones; the implied essence of the book is about making choices, their consequences and the role of destiny.

Kunal Roy, the smug, ambitious executive at HomeMakers, believes that he is at the cusp of professional nirvana. Kunal’s bubble of expectations is pricked by an abrasive new boss, Harry Kapoor, who prides himself on his oratorical skills.

To make matters worse, enter a young upstart rookie, Srishti Fernandes with a complex personality (emotions ranging from dictatorial to impulsive to vulnerable to confused). Srishti gives two hoots about Kunal’s seniority, yet Kunal finds himself inexplicably drawn towards her. Is Shristi for real or is she an illusion? And who is the real Kunal?

Undergoing upheavals in both professional and personal life, Kunal looks to jettison his ambitions by embarking on a journey of self-discovery, in an attempt to regain his lost identity.

Q What is so different about ‘Just Kidding…Yours Destiny’?

A unique humorous writing style, relatable characters, an unusual love story and last but not the least; the footnotes.

Q. Briefly, what led up to this book? What were you writing (and getting published, if applicable) before breaking out with this book?

Strangely enough, amongst all the aspirations growing up ranging from painter, cricketer, badminton player, karate champion, and even a farmer (depending upon the flavor of the season), writing was never on the list even though I wrote the funny stuff during my college days. And then corporate life happened, and my writing skills were limited to drafting emails, performance reports, and management presentations.

It was in the pressure cooker environment at IIM Ahmedabad that I entered a blog writing competition to let off steam. The entry ‘Sleeping times at IIMA’, an amusing sketch of life at IIMA, won the first prize. This was my Eureka moment; I realized that I enjoyed writing and that I had my own unique style. The work I produced, found a ready audience, especially those looking for something light-hearted, yet engaging and immersive. I began to blog regularly and even wrote a management case study (which was the finalist at a national case writing competition) before I finally graduated to writing my first full-fledged novel in the humorous fiction genre.

Q. Which is your favorite novel?

The Guide by R.K. Narayan; it is a light-hearted evocative story, at times bordering on spiritual, which touches you at multiple emotive levels. A phenomenal piece of work by the Master.


Q. Which all platforms can readers reach out to you?

I have my own blog. In addition, I post my thoughts under the theme Just Kidding …Yours Destiny thought of the day regularly on Facebook, LinkedIn & Twitter. I also try to answer questions that pique my interest on Quora.

My social handles are as follows:

Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Quora Author Blog IIMA Blog

Q. What is your process of writing?

I normally take a laptop, press the start button, open MS word, keep staring at it until something enters my head. Generally, I do it on a full stomach, so avoid thoughts of food.

And then I delete everything and restart the process.

Q. How do you handle writers' block?

I bang my head against the block a few times and then steer around it...until I reach the next block.

Q. Something personal about you that people may be surprised to know?

I don’t believe in ghosts but I am scared of them anyway since one can’t be too sure.

Q. Can you tell us something about your other works?

Looking at the tremendous response to Just Kidding…Yours Destiny, a sequel is in the offing. The two stories are quite different, yet there is an intriguing common thread. Moreover, there is a collection of 13 short stories in the humorous fiction genre, which is slated for release in early 2019.

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