The Death Wish Book Review

REVIEW Suicide is the act of killing yourself intentionally. It is said that great success always starts with a small step but did you know that every year more than 800,000 people take a small step to end their life. You and only you are responsible for your life choices and decisions. Your decision, your single step can move you ahead or put a full stop on you. The Death Wish by Sourabh Mukherjee is all about realization and the power of mothers love. Ten years back, my mother passed away in my arms. Four years back, I tried to end my life and escape this world. And today, here I am writing this review at 01:00 am-midnight in one of the tallest towers in Noida with my beautiful wife and cute daughter sleeping in the adjacent room. I made a decision, took a step, but it was right and there is no looking back. The Death Wish will motivate and inspire you to live your life to the fullest and never give up. Life will throw many challenges on you, but the decisions you make should always move you towards growth and success. It is unpredictable, realistic, simple and yet powerful. It is that book which should always be available in your phone or kindle so that you can read it in your worst days and realize that it's not the end. RELATED: THE HUNT BOOK REVIEW I cannot imagine a better way to end the "It's all about love series". Beautiful cover, creative title, and mind-blowing story. Overall, The Death Wish by Sourabh Mukherjee is a must read. So, go ahead and buy this book from Amazon now! RATING: 5/5 AUTHOR: Sourabh Mukherjee PUBLISHER: Srishti Publishers & Distributors ABOUT THE BOOK As a man decides to end his life by jumping off the roof of one of the tallest skyscrapers in the city. Should he; should he not? Is there something to change his mind at the last minute?


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