The Art Of Building Experiential Events Book Review


In 2010, Ranveer Singh and Anushka Sharma starrer "Band Baaja Baaraat" sparked love for Event Management among youngsters like me. Everyone started pitching ideas for the next Shaadi Mubarak. But the road was unknown.

Last year, my beautiful Event Management teacher made me aware of the challenges of this field. It looked tough but was thrilling enough to give a try.

But today after reading the book - The Art Of Building Experiential Events by Dr. Deepak Swaminathan, my eyes are opened and senses awakened.

Event Management is not just a job, it's an art.

French artist Edgar Degar once said, "Art is not what you see, but what you make others see."

In managing the events, you start with a vision and empty room, hall or ground. You need to have special skills to see the unseen and make it visible to your audience/client.

The only thing which differentiates Event Management and Art is the fact that when you are working on an art, you have the option to start again, but in events, you don't get a second chance. Everything is live, it can make you or break you.

The Art Of Building Experiential Events by Dr. Deepak Swaminathan talks about every aspect of managing an event. It is not everyone's piece of cake to become a successful event manager, but if you want to become one - this book will work like a bible.

It will teach you about: - Types of Events - Event Management as an Essential Communication and Marketing Tool - Qualities of Personnel in the Event Management Business - The Art of Presenting the Event Organization - Understanding the Client and their Expectations - The Importance of a Venue for Conducting an Event - Factors that are Critical in Designing an Event for a Corporate - Designing a "Facility Unveiling" - Designing a Musical Event for Public Audience - Speciality Events (Exhibitions and Technical Symposiums) - Analysis of an Event Failure - Reasons Why an Event Fails - Tools for Measuring Event Designing - Vendor Partner Management

The author has made sure to cover every minute details of event management so that you just don't host it, you nail it like a pro.

Before every chapter, the author's quotes will motivate and boost you to reach greater heights. Real life examples, photographs, and proven strategies throughout the book will help you move in the right direction.

What I liked the most about this book was the fact that author has given huge importance to failure and motivates you to learn from your mistakes and never repeat it again.

Overall, The Art Of Experiential Events by Dr. Deepak Swaminathan is a must read if you are interested in Event Management. So, go ahead and buy this book from Amazon now.

RATING 4.5/5


The business of Experiential Events is an on-ground outing that is dynamic, challenging and satisfying. A sunrise industry in India, events offer challenges and recognition that are indeed addictive. This book is an event designer's almanac, specially dedicated to the talented and discerning who crave for challenges and are in constant search of memorable collaborations.

This book offers models, practices, and tips that help in building wonderful experiential events in the Indian context. Understanding the psyche of clients is yet another unique feature of this book where carefully planted questions are discussed with prospects, leading to mapping the core needs that make the experience unique that also ensures sustained Client-Agency relations. Care has been taken in offering time-tested solutions using a variety of infographics, case studies, and nuances that go into designing and building experiential events. This book is probably a pioneering effort from a specialist in the field with over 4000+ events to his credit.

If you are passionate about event management, an aspiring entrepreneur, seeker of new challenges, a marcom professional or a communication, visual arts, media student, then this book would be of immense use.


Dr. Deepak Swaminathan is a qualified and experienced entrepreneur many times over, with a demonstrated history of building, operating and transferring businesses in the field of Retail, wellness, Event management, and Animation. Deepak started his business outing in the late 90s with his flagship brand Media Point, which specializes in delivering superior event solutions. Armed with a Post Graduate degree in management and a Doctorate in management science, Deepak was quick to sense business opportunities in the fields of education and wellness, which was an off-shoot from Media Point.

With a strong knowledge of managing finances and marketing, it was a simple puzzle-solving exercise for Deepak to understand successful business models and investing in those. High on ethics, compassionate and systematic in operation are hallmarks of Deepak and he firmly believes in the "Win-Win" model approach. After having built operated, and hived off three successful ventures, Deepak has now embarked on unveiling India's pioneering digital platform for events, expos, employee engagements, and weddings. Deepak has put together a core business & technical team mentored by him, and that has developed this unique digital platform which is his next latest business venture

Deepak is skilled in Marketing, Negotiation, Business Planning, Advertising, Sales and he comes across as a seasoned professional, orator, author and a story-teller, using the medium as a metaphor in fuelling change.

PUBLISHER Notion Press

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