Straight From Life Book Review


Straight From Life is your straight path of motivation, inspiration, and success. It is inspired by true events, delivered in a fictional way, and is a non-fiction self-help book. Perfect marketing mix I would say.

The book is divided into five parts.

The first part makes you aware about your real chances of becoming a business success if you hail from a middle-class family.

The second part gives you insights about choosing MBA as a career option. The third and fourth part talks all about success. Last but not the least, fifth part deals with the life beyond Corporate World.

But after reading the book, what I found was that there are basically three parts. The first is theory, second is MBA as a career and third is all about success.

The theory part informs you about your chances of cracking the start-up code if you are from a middle-class family. Being from a middle-class family myself I can totally relate to everything mentioned in this part. It is not easy, but it is not impossible as well.

Moving ahead to the second part, i.e MBA as a career. According to the latest report, only 7 percent of the MBA graduates are actually employable. Which means, if you are applying for MBA, you have 7% chance of getting a job.

The third and final part is all about success. This is what you have to aim for. I believe the overall goal of a self-help book is to move you towards growth. It should change the way you look the world. If you read only the third part, you will get the key to success.

It has plenty of information which will give you a head-start just like jet-pack boost in the Subway Surfers Game. You will get to know how to move ahead and fail. Learn from failures and then start fresh. It will motivate you to never give up and aim for the moon.

In order to reach the moon, you will require reading this part again and again. Take each and every point mentioned in this part and apply to your life one by one. Analyse if its working or not and keep learning.

Overall, Straight From Life is a must read if you are young and planning to start a business.

I would love to see Straight From Life Part 2 without theory and career part. There are more than 582 million entrepreneurs in the world and a book for entrepreneurs by an entrepreneur can do wonders.



Straight From Life is the story of Rishabh, a management graduate, not from one of the top MBA institutes. He has an ordinary family and educational background, his dreams, his learnings are from his very own tutor. We all know we have only one life to live. That too is very short to learn everything. We live it the way we want. Our success and failure depend upon the choices we make in our lives, the result tells us how well we lived our life. Every life has its own story to tell. Every event gives us a new experience to share. Here he tries to find out why he opted for MBA as a career, does his middle-class background have any role to play? This book will try to explain the understanding of current professionals, their training process, the gap between their academics and the real world. The dilemma of their institutes' grade, and later on their work place's own grade for appraisal. This book is written in Indian context but can be applied anywhere. This book helps readers to form their own opinion and draw own conclusions rather than other's perspective as the only truth. Through the thoughts, research and ideas presented in this book, readers will believe in them and find the courage to apply them in their life. Straight From Life cannot only be the story of the person who is narrating it to you, but it can also be your own story, which can help you to grow as a professional in corporate life as well as personal life. There is truly no beginning or end in getting learnings from life. It is a lifelong process, as you live life every day-believe in yourself and learn straight from life. This book is a Cocktail of research, real-life experience, and imagination. This book is for self-improvement, and self-learning-a non-fiction written in fiction style.

AUTHOR: Rupesh Kumar

PUBLISHER: Blue Rose Publishers

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