"My Buddhist practice has made me compassionate and courageous as a human being" - Karan R


Karan Razdan has been practicing Buddhism for thirteen years. He has read Osho extensively. He has also been inspired by the writings of Maharishi Ramanna and Swami Vivekananda. He has been writing and directing movies in India and producing television shows. He is also the author of the books "Tantra and the Tantrika" and "The Secret Law of Blessing".


Q. Characterize yourself in one word?


Q. Please describe what the story/book is about in one sentence.

The Secret Law of Blessing is about the power of blessings that your good deeds help you to receive, from your fellow human beings to the divine, which can turn you from a pauper into a king, in every respect.

Q. Briefly, what led up to this book? What were you writing (and getting published, if applicable) before breaking out with this book?

I could see that depression had gained epidemic proportions in the society, negative feelings were creating hopelessness in the common man and woman. The devilish functions in human beings had vitiated the atmosphere with hate. When people start earning curses rather than Blessing of fellow human beings, that is an apt time to write a book like “The Secret Law of Blessing.”

Q. What has been your biggest achievement?

My movies like Dilwale, Diljale, Qayamat (with Ajay Devgan), Trimurti, Girlfriend and many more have been big hits. My television shows Rajni, Tehkikaat, Eena Meena Deeka and many more have been very popular. But I consider that writing my book The Secret Law of Blessing has been my biggest achievement. And I say this because of the emails and messages that people have sent to me after reading this book.

Q. Looking back, what did you do right that helped you break in?

My Buddhist practice has made me compassionate and courageous as a human being. Reading Osho, Ramana Maharishi and Ramakrishna Paramhansa have helped me to touch my core being, which is the soul.

Q. Did you have a platform in place? On this topic, what are you doing to build a platform and gain readership?

I am speaking at events, universities and NGO’s to create awareness about my book. Celebrity endorsements. Celebrities like Subhash Ghai, Anupam Kher, Satish Kaushik and many others are endorsing and speaking about this book. I am running promotion campaigns on FB and Instagram.

Q. Favorite novel?

The Alchemist

Q. Something personal about you people may be surprised to know?

I am a vegetarian and have dedicated this book to my pet, Zara, who is no more. She was a meat eater but ironically turned me into a vegetarian.

Q. Future of SALISMANIA.com through your eyes?

Good work always brings good results. So SALISMANIA.com will rise to great heights I am confident.