Looking Through The Prism Book Review


Looking Through The Prism by Sujata Chatterjee is a collection of 17 beautiful and inspiring poems which will make you feel light and bright from the very beginning.

The poems are based on nature, life, emotions, and experiences of the author. They are calm and soothing like rain in the summer afternoon. You just have to get out and dance to the tunes of poems. On the other hand, the book also consists of pleasing sketches based on every poem, which works as a cherry on the cake.

Talking about the language, the book is written in a simple and understandable language and is free from any grammatical errors.

Most of the poems are in rhyming format which appears as rhythmic verses.

The one thing which I like the most about this book is that it is very short and simple. You can finish it in a go and start again the next day.

Apart from this, the cover of the book is very catchy and good-looking. It perfectly suits the title and the blurb. My top favorite poems from this book are:

1. Come O Spring 2. Rememberance 3. Newer Horizons 4. Loving You 5. A Rainbow 6. Destiny: Faith Or Reason

Overall, Looking Through The Prism by Sujata Chatterjee is a wonderful read and I would love to recommend it to every poetry lover. So, go ahead and buy this book from Amazon now!



Looking Through the Prism: Spectrum is a collection of poems which embraces optimism and inspiration.

If you are in a mood for a quiet evening or would like to search for greener pastures, you need to settle down with an introspective approach towards this book.

The rhythm in the poems is touch and go from the very beginning till the end. Whether it is ecstasy in The golden gown that the warm sun weaves, or the romance in Your lips a crimson ray or describe the hard work in The sweat and toil of human race, Looking Through the Prism reveals a unique path to joy and happiness.

So gear yourselves for a ride through the hills and the valleys and hug the nature with your arm; the arms of faith and not the arms in artillery.

This book will definitely inspire you with self-analysis and a positive attitude.


Sujata Chatterjee (Dutta) is a postgraduate in Anesthesiology from Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai. She has also passed journalism from Delhi School of Journalism.

She hails from a family of literature lovers, music, and sports. She was born in Jamshedpur and brought up in Lucknow, Pune and Kolkata.

An avid traveller, she maintains an e-magazine "Elitte Travels, and Elitte Tours," where she posts the facts and photographs clicked during her tours.

Her love for nature and travel is keenly depicted in her poetry where she has compared life with nature. Her poetry reflects the love for life and with nature.

She is also an enthusiastic photographer and enjoys trying out new dishes, the recipes of which she uploads in her magazine "Elitte Kitchen".

Her first book, Flight of Fantasy, is a collection of short stories which was received well by the audience.

PUBLISHER: Notion Press

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