Here Is Heaven And Here Is Hell Book Review


Here Is Heaven And Here Is Hell is a collection of meaningful and eyeopening verses. It indeed reveals some core realities 'behind the curtains' of being and the world.

The book contains important life lessons, it shows us what we normally don't try to notice. In simple words, Its all about philosophy which will be handy to you in the long run.

Talking about language and writing style, it is strong, impactful and easy to understand.

The verses reflect anything and everything we can think of. They are based on life, death, dreams, soldier, blood, relationships, time, fate, dependency, etc.

The book is full of knowledge, once you start reading it page by page, you would actually understand author's point of view and his opinions.

What I like the most about this book is that it can be of great benefit to the people who experience life in a very plain way and actually fail to read between the lines.

My favorite writings of the book are: 1. Life Is Not Path of Flowers 2. Dark Side - Nature 3. Philosophie: True Relationship 4. Why Death? Philosophie: 5. Your God 6. Shining in the sky

Overall, Here Is Heaven And Here Is Hell is a good read and you must invest in it. So, go ahead and buy this book from Amazon now!



The easiest way to experience life is to learn from the long experiences of others. Ignorance and ignoring are keys for a happy living, but some have to dirty their minds with the ways of the world to timely solve sublime and mystical existential issues.

Existence is such where we talk and regard evil to be harmful and bad, and on the other side of the coin there is something called "Necessary Evil."

Great men in their reign are condemned, but ages after their absence; made to be deity-like.

The world is one where man has to "Shout out Loud" through their deeds to prove their existence; else he is as good as unborn.

There isn't and shouldn't be - any good or bad. Examine more of human intricacies; astoundingly you may find some relating to you...

Here is Heaven and Here is Hell is a collection of versatile verses. No one's time would be wasted; to know some core realities 'behind the curtains' of being and the world.


Businessman, Astrologer, social activist and Ph.D. scholar, Sourabh Tiwari is considered to be wiser than his age in mind and behavior and a seer beyond his own time.

His minute attention and investigation in detail on almost anything, which are otherwise obscure to people creates curiosity in him.

Being born a Brahmin, wisdom, philosophy, and guidance are his natural constitution. He has presented articles in newspapers and journals on various subjects like sociology, psychology, environment, social networking, mythology etc.

Drawing inspiration from great minds - From Veda Vyas to Aristotle, from Dante to Nietzsche, and from Milton to Wordsworth - his chief 'Spark' which lit up his mind to think and fathom beyond concepts was the Negative or Dark side of existence; Life, like Death; So gigantic, the span of happiness and creation, yet so transitory for lapse of animation.

His inner fire to find the truths of the Universe is never-exhausting; his style of expressing is as simple as it could be, for even the youngest of readers can imbibe much from his writing.

PUBLISHER: Notion Press

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