Rickey Bell and Mystery of the Blue Gem Book Review


Rickey Bell and Mystery of the Blue Gem is inspired by Harry Potter series but has a desi touch which will keep you entertained until the very end.

The book is not an imitation but has similar events. It is a modified desi version and if you are young, you may just love it. There are multiple twists and turns in the book which will keep you hooked till the very end.

When I was young, I always used to try writing stories inspired by other books but never had the courage to get it published. This is what clicked me the most. Even though the entire story is inspired by the Harry Potter series, the author has managed to deliver an amazing read.

The characters used in the book are desi and the characterization is at its best. The author needs to work a little on his language, but the writing style is also very appealing.

Overall, Rickey Bell and Mystery of the Blue Gem is an exciting read and I would love to read the other six parts of the Rickey Bell Series in future.

RATING: 3.5/5


The story begins forty thousand years ago. The emperor of black magic, Stomphart, and his brother, Bonaphart, were fighting with a powerful king Chandradhar. Chandradhar was also a great knower of Mayavidya. After the war of months, eventually, Chandradhar beheaded Stomphart. But, as Chandradhar was going to kill him, he used his black-magic powers and extracted a part of his soul. Chandradhar killed him, after that. The wife of Chandradhar's son 'Suryabhan', was about to give birth to a child, that time. Stomphart's soul-part entered her womb. Years ago, it had predicted, if the child, who had part of Stomphart's soul in his body, will be killed prematurely, Stomphart's soul-part will be free. And, he will alive again. The same thing happened. Bonaphart killed that child. It had also written in that oracles that the child will take rebirth and will kill Stomphart.

So, welcome to Indian magical story. Welcome to the Indian style of magical storytelling. Welcome to the Rickey Bell and Mystery of the Blue Gem.

PUBLISHER: Amazon Kindle

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