Poem | That Same Beginning Line!

Beholding an endeavoring earthworm

Near my garden’s fence,

Actually, it was distressing, I fathom.

Though being a tiny creature,

Earthworm balances genders within.

Assuming oneself an enormous system,

Society squeezes out our dignity in dustbin.

With slow scrawling in soil,

It gathered my attention to embroil.

Why our society understates female?

Why permits our individual identity to volatile?

Perhaps, I won’t reach quickly,

Like that earthworm down there.

But who appoints them as judicial,

To question me,

By underrating my typical flair?

When it is dusk, I don’t have place out

I am assumed weak to travel without.

Whenever I try to convey myself,

My voice gets dominated, under your harsh shout.

I still remember the day I came

I still remember the way they blame

With the arrival of him, they felt an altitude in their name.

But why knowing my gender, they felt a type of shame?

Now the time have arrive,

Don’t interfere in making our identity revive.

If that boneless move, making us surprise!

Why doesn’t our voice have a space to rise?

By slitting the neck of my freedom,

You feel proud of giving me protection.

I wish at least.

At least,

Let the Shadow of my existence, a shape for reflection.

Day will surely arrive

To take me away somewhere

I will keep on arguing,

Till I don’t get a visible care

Don’t equip me quota or any special facilities,

It symptoms me a state of undermine

I just need an environment

Where there will be the same beginning line.

NOTE: This poem is nominated for the SALISMANIA.com Best Poem Of The Year Award 2017.


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