Reminiscence Book Review

RATING - 4/5

BOOK: Reminiscence

AUTHOR: Devika Das



PRICE: Rs 125


Devika Das has completed MBA (Marketing) from Kolkata and has been writing since 2008. Exposure to a defense background has taught her a lot in life about varied cultures, languages, and people in general.

Currently, she is working as a professional content writer in Hyderabad. Her blog covers articles on several issues. Theatre, dance, and singing are some of her other interests too.

She has published two novels, '7 Vows of Marriage", and "The Mind Game".


Reminiscence is a collection of poems reflecting the poet's learning from her experiences. The poems are an assortment of style and genre without restricting to a specific tone and style.

The poet has exercised freedom in depicting various aspects of our life along with the importance of nature and other living beings. The poems have a sweet blend of rhythm and blank verse to avoid monotony.


Reminiscence by Devika Das is a beautiful collection of pleasing poems which will boost you to experience every moment of your life. The poems are sweet, simple, short and refreshing.

Each poem covers every facet of life which makes it an outstanding read. You will experience happiness and positivity, while reading them.

The language and writing style used in the book is very connecting and balanced. These days we hardly get to read anything which covers every topic, be it simple or complicated but this book has overcome the odds.

My favorite poems from the book are:

1. Smile 2. The Morning Sky 3. Mother 4. Life 5. Life of a Tree 6. Grey Days

Overall, Reminiscence is an amazing read and I would like to recommend it to every poetry lover. So, go ahead and buy this book from Amazon now!


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