The First Sip Of My Morning Coffee Book Review

RATING - 3.5/5 BOOK: The First Sip Of My Morning Coffee

AUTHOR: Nikita Tak



PRICE: Rs 199


Nikita Tak, who hails from Ajmer city is currently living in Jaipur. She is working as a content writer for top-rated IT MNC. She loves to research about numerology, astrology, medical science and also loves reading books. Her works have been featured in many anthologies.


It is the best collection of engrossing romantic poetries and some awe-inspiring quotes that will motivate you to always think positive in life. REVIEW:

The First Sip Of My Morning Coffee is a simple and light read which you can finish in a go. It is a good option to combine the book with a cup of hot coffee on a chilly winter morning. It will brighten your mood instantly. The book consists of various short poems based on love, life, and people. The poem series is further followed by inspirational quotes and thoughts which will inspire you to achieve anything in your life.

It also has a short story named ''The Chocolate Shake". To be honest, it didn't match my expectations. The story seems normal like every other story we come across. It lacks twists and turns and also has major grammatical errors.

The author should have focused on her writing style and language. Instead of using The Engineer and The Dentist in every line, she could have used suitable replacement.

One more drawback is the improper punctuation which you'll witness every now and then in the book. As a reader, I would like to read something which can grab my attention, whereas this book has failed to do so.

Coming to the cover, it is beautiful and well designed. The content, however, could have been better.

Overall, it is a simple and short read. I would like to suggest the author to keep these points in mind for future works and would love to read more from her.


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