Kalpana: An Imagination Book Review

RATING - 3/5

BOOK: Kalpana: An Imagination

AUTHOR: Yogita


PRICE: Rs 150


Yogita worked as Software Developer in IT Company. She is confident and enthusiastic about her profession. Writing is her passion.

She is following the passion since her age of 15 years. She writes on many problems of society. Her conceit of writing is to uplift the society from its orthodox approach towards positive life and to fulfill the gap of disparity.

Writing satires is her hobby and pointing need of social change in the society is her vision.


Kalpana an imagination is a short and simple story about a girl named Kalpana who faces lots of disturbances in her early childhood and teenage.

Talking about the plot, it is very fast and plain. I feel it could have been rich in imagination and creativity. The balance of positive and negative events is missing in the story. It consists more of negative events, which make the book lack its charm.

Coming to the characterization which is again the low point of this book. There was no detailed information about the protagonist and other characters. I feel there was no need to introduce new characters in every chapter as it broke the flow of the story.

An author should always write in a way which could make the readers feel connected to the story. The major drawback in this book is that it has a very unbalanced pace and has a very disrupted flow. As a reader, I was confused with the events most of the times.

On the other hand, the book cover is very attractive and suits the story. Yogita has beautifully displayed her artistic side through the cover of her book. If we talk about the language and writing style, I was very disappointed with the poor focus on grammar and punctuation. The story has various grammatical mistakes and lacks right sense of the present and past tense. The book also requires good proofreading.

Overall, the book is nice but it could have been better. I wish the author all the best for her future works and would suggest her to keep the mentioned points in mind.


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