UNNS - The Captivation Book Review

RATING - 4/5

BOOK: UNNS - The Captivation


PUBLISHER: Inspire India Publishers

PAGES: 244

PRICE: Rs 189


Sapan Saxena is a software engineer by profession and an author by choice. Born in the city of Nawabs Lucknow, he earned his Engineering degree from MNNIT Allahabad.

Sapan started writing when he was coding for a complex algorithm and found that a fictional story would at least make some sense.

Currently based in Nashua, New Hampshire, he is the author of the highly acclaimed FINDERS, KEEPERS. UNNS - The Captivation is his 2nd attempt at writing fiction.


"Of course you know about the seven stages of love, but have you ever lived them?"

Atharva Rathod and Meher Qasim.

Lovebirds since adolescence. Bonded by love, separated by circumstances. They part ways only to meet again. But this time, he is on a secret mission...

Are they in control of their own destiny, or it's their destiny which is making them dance to its tunes? Only time would answer, as Atharva and Meher unwillingly and unknowingly transcend the seven stages of love.

A quintessential tale of love and romance marked beautifully by its own rustic old-school charm.


UNNS - The Captivation is a lovers empire where the protagonist battles for the true love of his life but some twists and turns change the entire scenario.

The plot of the book has multiple phases starting from adolescence to adulthood. Each phase adds a new taste to the story which makes it very tempting.

It's like taking a bite of sweet, sour, tangy and spicy. Each stage has its own flavor which will keep you hooked to the very end.

STOP! If you are thinking its all about love, romance and drama then you're wrong. This lovers empire has mystery, thrill, and action too and this is what I loved the most about the book.

The story moves at a very fast pace without breaking the flow. It plays with your emotions and is powerful enough to attract you to keep reading the book.

There are some major characters in the book and each character has its own importance. The author Sapan has beautifully connected all the characters.

On the other hand, the first time when I looked at the title of the book I was very curious to know its meaning. I wanted to know what UNNS stands for? Is it a short form of something big?

Well to just give you a hint, It has a beautiful meaning and the entire book is based on this word - UNNS. So, go ahead and buy this book from Amazon now!


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