Poem - Run

Twilight merges into night

the city is draped in neon lights

I see the world running at a frenzied pace

a hungry cheetah's fierce chase

tearing life's marrow and flesh.

I too run in this mad race

piling things, acquiring coveted assets,

letting those define me.

A farrago of feelings trail behind

Sinking in the pool of callousness

I speed along...I care less.

Time too is on a run

rapidly eroding my banks

Lost are those dewy days

my tired limbs almost give away

A gaping wound stares

the lonely heart lies bare

Leaving behind my colossal junkyard

I come out to breathe the cool night air.

Through the concrete jungle, I walk

The land sharks have grabbed their bit.

there aren't many patches of green

I walk through the network

of streets. Slithering snakes.

I reach the ghat ( river bank)

Down the stairs, I go

the muddy water flows

softly lapping on my feet

Ahhh ! calm and soothing feel

I see the distant horizon blush

The moments and years

condense to form tears

cleansing my soul,

I let my feelings flow.

NOTE: This poem is nominated for the SALISMANIA.com Best Poem Of The Year Award 2017.


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