Poem - Are We Happy?

Sitting alone dull and gloomy,

We often ask ourselves are we happy?

Our lives are running at such a fast pace,

Blank and confused just following the rat race.

Sometimes we know what we want and aspire,

But we shut ourselves in oblivion and ignore all our desires.

Money fills our pockets, but what about the soul,

At the end of the day do you really feel content at all?

We say life is unfair and treat us badly,

Blame everything on past and destiny.

Some crib about jobs, some for love and family,

We wonder is there anyone around who is happy in reality

We compare our lives with each other,

And conclude other’s lives is always better.

But we fail to realize the fact that's true,

Everyone is dealing with some or the other issues

We search for happiness in others always,

We follow what they do and start adopting their means and ways.

We think happiness is about having luxurious life and entertainment,

Expectation from everyone always turns out to be a disappointment.

Let’s search for the meaning of happiness within us today,

Feel it and achieve it, so that this feeling of discontentment just go away

Let’s play, dance and sing, do the things which give life to our soul,

And keeping our self-happy should be our ultimate goal

As it is said, like what you do and do what you like,

Make the choice today the way you want to live your life. NOTE: This poem is nominated for the SALISMANIA.com Best Poem Of The Year Award 2017.


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