Indulge Yourself in Something New

Are you planning to indulge yourself in something new? Maybe to try something out of the box for your face? Well, folks, I have something for you.

Leaves Aromatherapy is a brand which can always help you try something new with the benefits of organic handmade natural skin and hair care products. They believe that our greatest enemy is stress which is normal in today's life.

Leaves Aromatherapy guarantees to make you relaxed and stress-free through the beautiful face mask and lip scrub. Look good and feel good is their motto and they will surely add years to your life!

Today, I will be reviewing two of their best products. So let's begin...

1. Chocolate Face Pack

Cost - Rs 650 (for 60 g) Fragrance Note - Chocolate Key Ingredients - Raw cocoa and honey

Benefits: - Instant glowing effect - Energizes your skin - Pulls out dirt and dead skin

My Experience:

I was amazed to know that we can actually try chocolate on our skin, that also natural and handmade. For the first time, I used this type of mask on my face and believe me, it felt amazing!

It has a chocolaty smell and works wonderfully on all skin types. Each time I apply this chocolate face pack, my skin glows all day. It is very useful in reducing extra oil secretion from my face's T zone. I am very much in love with this product that I feel like eating it. Loved it!

2. Strawberry Lip Scrub

Cost- 450 (for 20g) Fragrance Note - Fruity Key Ingredients - Strawberry and lemon

Benefits: - Removes dead skin from your lips - Makes your lips soft and supple

My Experience:

Strawberry lip scrub from the house of Leaves Aromatherapy is quite different from other lip scrubs available in the market. It has liquid and gel kind of texture. The consistency is neither too thick nor too thin. I like the soothing smell it has. It makes my skin ultra soft and as a result, they look healthy. You should go for it!


Overall, I would like to recommend these products to people with all skin types. You must try other products from Leaves Aromatherapy as well. After all, there is always fun in trying something new, isn't it? ;)