If You Never Try You Will Never Know Book Review


BOOK: If You Never Try, You Will Never Know

AUTHOR: Sahil Mehta

PUBLISHER: Notion Press

PAGES: 217

PRICE: Rs 220


Sahil Mehta was born and raised in India and is currently living in the beautiful city of Seattle. Inspired by the power of words, emotions and various life experiences, he naturally gravitated towards writing.

If You Never Try, You Will Never Know is his first book, and its storyline is influenced by his childhood dreams. Currently, he is working on a story, based on the characters and places he came across during his stay in the USA.

Apart from writing, Sahil enjoys fitness related activities and listening to music.


Robin, who gets inspired by his mother to become a musician, is forced by his father to pursue the education needed to join their family business. This compels him to leave home at the age of eighteen to follow his dreams.

In few months of independent living, his over-ambitious dreams turn into an obsession, which gets even more intense when he falls into a drug addiction and mysteriously unleashes a new side to his life.

During this journey, he meets Aisha. They talk, play and fall in love. Her exquisite beauty defines the melody of his musical journey as they both fall deeply in love with each other.

But Robin's obsession with his dream and a struggling career become an obstacle in their relationship. Is their love strong enough to overcome complexities?

During these tumultuous times, Robin's flatmate Jordan begins to motivate him to follow his heart. Jordan becomes his philosopher and guru but not for very long-what makes Robin lose trust in him?

Discover how he finds a spiritual path after being disheartened during his struggle to achieve success. Amidst the ups and downs in his career, love, and life, find out what destiny holds for Robin.

Will he find success in the music industry or will he end up joining his father's business? Experience a thrilling story that will inspire you to believe in your love and dreams. REVIEW:

If You Never Try, You Will Never Know is an amazing read with lots of churning emotions and inspirations. It will motivate you to follow your dreams and boost you to take any challenge in your life.

Based on childhood dreams of the author, the book says a lot about his creativity. Turing a series of dreams into a book is an achievement in itself.

Starting with the plot, it is very interesting and has a lot to cater. It will drive you to follow your dreams until you achieve what you want.

The story has both bright and dark moments which portrays a dreamers pride and pain. It will show you what it feels when your life has a purpose and meaning.

There are lots of connecting loops, twists, and turns which makes it an outstanding read. What I liked the most about this book was the end, where you can look back to the first page and recall what you have learned.

Apart from that, the book revolves around love, drama, and suspense which will keep you hooked till the end.

On the other hand, the language used in the book is very simple, understandable and easy to connect with. It is very subtle with a perfect sense of grammar and punctuation.

There are a handful of characters in this story and the characterization is at its best. Also, the book cover is very attractive and perfectly suits the title and the blurb.

Overall, I would like to recommend 'If You Never Try, You Will Never Know' to every book lover. You will love it. So, go ahead and buy this book from Amazon now!


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