The Talion Tale Book Review

RATING - 4.5/5

BOOK: The Talion Tale

AUTHOR: Rahul Apte

PUBLISHER: Leadstartcorp

PAGES: 408

PRICE: Rs 400


Rahul Apte is a pass out of the Indian Institute of Technology, Madras (2006). He obtained his MBA from the Indian School of Business. Hyderabad in 2010. He lives in Mumbai where he works as a Project Finance professional for a prominent conglomerate.

Rahul wishes to create, at least in the minds of his readers, an ideal world, where good men stand up to evil.


Just when Lieutenant Jamshed Hyatt Khan, lovingly called Jimmy, begins to feel that he can leave his tormented past behind and acquire some semblance of normalcy; a demonic machination of fate throws his life into irrevocable chaos. The heinous terror attack of 26/11 bereaves him of the love of his life and his family.

Reeling with a grave sense of loss and helplessness, the enraged soldier vents his anger on a terrorist sympathizer in Kashmir, where he is posted. The extra judicial killing turns him into a pariah in the eyes of the Indian Army and a golden catch for the RAW; the Indian intelligence agency, which in the wake of 26/11, has received a secret mandate straight from the top.

Devoid of reasons to live and stranded both personally and professionally, Jimmy is convinced by the RAW to undertake a covert surgical trapping, he gradually realizes that after four wars and decades of failed diplomacy, for Indians like him, a covert mission is the only way to secure justice.

Thus, Lieutenant Jamshed Hyatt Khan dies and a cold-blooded, lethal assassin is born, one who is driven only by revenge and has nothing to lose.

Meandering like a spy thriller, with its fair share of realistic twists and turns; 'The Talion Tale' is a cry for justice. It is also a tale of love, loss and the vengeance that is born out of it.


'The Talion Tale' is one of the best spy thrillers of the year. It has action, drama, and thrill along with an amazing plot. The moment you start reading the book, it will drive you to keep reading till the very last page.

The reason I quoted the book as one of the best spy thrillers of the year is because it feels real. The characterization, plot, twists and turns, everything written in the book has a logic which makes it one of the best.

The Talion Tale gives a very hair-raising message to the readers that in order to shed some bad blood, we must shed some good blood too. This is what makes it more genuine and unique.

The time period of the book is between 2000 and 2010. In these ten years, the rise of terrorism in the World was visible and included two darkest days in the History - 9/11 and 26/11. Both the dates have influenced the overall plot of the book.

The plot of the book revolves around 3 different countries - India, Pakistan, and Afghanistan. To my surprise, the author has left no stones unturned in detailing the hidden politics of terrorism in these three countries.

Apart from that, the book includes maps and sketches to help the readers understand the situation of the story.

I loved the character of Lieutenant Jamshed Hyatt Khan the most and I would surely love to read any sequels. He is not a superhero but he is just 'Jimmy'.

Overall, I loved the book because it has everything which a spy thriller book should have. The author has maintained the seriousness of the topic till the very end with a little spark of love, romance, and humor in equal intervals.

I would surely love to read more from the author Rahul Apte and would like to suggest this book to every book lover who dreams of the cruelty free world. So go ahead and buy this book from Amazon now!

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