1st Job and 10 Mistakes Book Review

RATING – 4/5

AUTHOR: Uttam Kumar

PUBLISHER: Author’s Ink Publications

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Uttam Kumar has a Masters degree in Mathematics. He had a liking for writing since childhood. “First Job and Ten Mistakes” is his first published work. His upcoming books include “The Moment Of Truth” and “Recruitment Hijacked”.

REVIEW: Everyone loves the first job. The first job is the beginning of a new life but many make mistakes that hurt them badly in future. Uttam Kumar’s “1st Job and 10 Mistakes” is a perfect collection of 10 mistakes that you must avoid in your first job. In the book Uttam has talked about SpEaR Theory, Equity Market, Credit Cards, Loan For Loan, First Get First Join, Launch Pad, Stop Learning, Career, No Goals, and Tracking.

The book is very informative and it is recommended to everyone searching for the first job or the ones who recently joined one. It will surely help you to think and take each step in a smarter way. The cover of the book is nice and the tracking sheet provided at the end of the book will help you to keep a track of your progress. Overall the book is simple yet effective.

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