18 Via Teen Book Review

RATING – 4/5

AUTHOR: Shreyasi Rhittika

PUBLISHER: Dream House Publications


'18 VIA TEEN - BE YOURSELF' the name says it all. It enumerates the various phases of a teen and the hopes, aspirations, apprehensions, ambiguity, insecurity, dilemma, restlessness and sensitiveness, associated with each phase. Each story vividly depicts the psychological aspects of a teenage girl/boy and how the intuition helps her/him to overcome the hurdles one after another, which in teen makes her/his mind mature.


18 VIA TEEN is a sweet and simple book of stories. It shows all the phases of emotions that a teen goes through during his/her teenage life.


The book deals with various stories based on teenage. It throws light on the psychological as well as emotional changes that a teen witnesses during his/ her teenage days. Shreyasi has simply spread the magic to engross the readers. The book will for sure connect the teen readers and make them feel that they are not alone; there are many others who are sailing the same ship.

I loved the way she has started every story with inspiring lines and also how she has kept each story interesting, simple and short. The cover of the book is good, but it could have been better which could make one feel that the book really deals with teenage life.

Overall it is a good read full of interesting and different stories which will lighten up the mood of readers. I would recommend this book to all the teen as well as adults who can connect themselves to this book very easily.

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