1 Luxury Box You Must Have

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear "Luxury Box"? I am sure you must be wondering that Ahh... it will eat up all my savings and everything is just the same, no difference.

But my lovely ladies, this Luxury Box is just DIFFERENT!

The products are REALLY LUXURIOUS and TOP CLASS and you can easily afford it without any holes in your pocket. Well, I am talking about a brand named Reverie which is revolutionizing the trend of Luxury Boxes in India.

So, this summer get ready to gift yourself the goodness of luxury through 100% handmade and organic products.

Reverie Box was founded in 2016 with a mission of providing the safest and the highest of quality skincare. To them, that means NO animal testing, parabens, phthalates, formaldehyde, sulfates, and so much more.

Their team of beauty experts is passionate about everything related to the world of cosmetics, beauty, skin and health care. Their beauty selections are carefully chosen through their inspired curation process.

Their luxury boxes comprise of Cost-effective products that work wonderfully and all the products in the beauty boxes have been tried and tested. So it means you are ready to join the Elite Class.

Talking about my experience, I received a specially curated Reverie Boxwhich included these 5 amazing products:

1. Ayca Jasmine Bodywash worth Rs 895

2. Vana Vidhi Feminine Intimate Wash worth Rs 990

3. Vana Foot Cream worth Rs 699

4. A complimentary Red Rose Shea Butter soap by Soap Square

5. A complimentary scented candle

All the products are amazing and they ooze absolute luxury in each use. The best thing about their products is that they are free from any side effects and reactions. I have been using these products for a month now and I would love to say that I am very satisfied.

The products are very relaxing and gently help in cleansing the skin. From the luxurious scent to the sheer refreshment the products were absolute thumbs up.

I liked the idea of including the scented candle to the box as it feels like taking a royal bath in the candle light with an aromatic scent surrounding you. You must also give it a try.

The second best thing about Reverie Box is that you can actually customize the luxury boxes of your choice, based on the occasion, season, month or event. That is uber cool, isn't it?

Overall, I think Reverie Box is something every girl should try. Indulge yourself with the goodness of luxury this Summer and place the order here - Reverie Box.